“You Can Either Run Behind The Big Dogs or …” Successful Online Marketing Team

Alex Tran provides sales and marketing consulting and training for businesses and individuals who want to “run with the big dogs” using smart web strategies. Alex is the consummate sales and marketing professional with over 17 years corporate experience in Fortune 500 companies like HP and CA. He has also worked with notable Silicon Valley startups like Aion and Everypath. Currently, Alex is the Chief Marketing Officer for ADPublishing.org LLC.

“Big Dogs Bark But Little Dogs Bite!”

Using his insider knowledge of 21st century break-through marketing, he teaches individuals and businesses the 7 secrets of how to use online marketing as the great equalizer.

“How Do You Want To Run Your Business?”

Alex Tran is a UCLA alumni where he earned his BSEE. He is also an alumni of St. Mary’s College where he earned his MBA. Alex has close to 20 years experience in sales, marketing, and engineering.

Unlike Al Gore, Alex won’t claim that he invented the Internet, but he has worked on bits and pieces of it starting with his early days at Bell Northern Research. Now with Web 2.0, Alex teaches how to maximize your marketing ROI using state of the art 360-marketing systems.

Alex can be reached at alex[ @ ]alextran.com.

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