Alex Tran

Cute blog title — Alex Tran. Other than that, why would anyone want to put their name as the title of their blog post? Bad form aside, I am using this as an illustration of how to rank for a keyword phrase like your name.

A while ago, I wrote that the two things that a website needs in order to survive in the wild are content and links. It is still as true today as it was when I wrote that article. Since search engine spiders are nothing but fancy “if-then-else” programs, you need to feed them what they expect to “see” according to their knowledge base. For your content to count and get ranked highly in the search engine results, it needs to 1) contain your chosen keyword, and 2) have links with your keyword as the anchor text.

Most people think that these links need to come from external websites. This is true from my observation. Ideally, externally links from reputable sites count a lot to the search engine spiders. But I have also observed that links from within your own website count too.

For example, if I wanted to rank for the keyword Alex Tran, and didn’t have an external source where I could link from, I could use my own website for links. By putting my keyword as anchor text and pointing them to my homepage, I could alert the spiders that my homepage is about my keyword.

This article, in fact, is a working example of this technique. I used the keyword in the title, the description, and twice in this body of the content. I have one link with my keyword pointed back to my homepage.

Keep in mind that this technique may not stick. In other words, for long standing listing on the first page of Google, you will also need external links. But for short-term effect, this technique does the trick.

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