Articles Marketing – What Works in 2010

When I started working on the Internet in the mid 1990’s, the mantra was … Content is King. The Web was much slower back then, so content equals articles. If you wanted to do website marketing, you had to write lots of articles.

Fast forward 15 years: Today the Web is bulging with content. Some argue that we have too much content. Video has taken hold online big time. Witness the Youtube phenomena. So the question for 2010 is … Does articles marketing work anymore?

I get this question from clients often. So let me just jump to the answer. Articles marketing still works online.

…but to get the true implication of this answer requires that I write some more content.

Article Marketing to Build Authority

People still believe what they read in print. What you say, how you say it, and how you support what you said, make indelible impressions on your reader’s psyche. Somehow, what is written carries more weight than what is said verbally. Perhaps this is because writing something down is still harder for most people than simply just saying it.

Sure, people do get skeptical about what they read, but if the content is well crafted with the proper headline, people will allow you to make your argument in print.

Repetition also helps. If you write about a given topic enough times, you eventually become the “authority” on the topic. Whether you deserve the authority status or not is debatable. You wrote down your arguments … And that by itself is is a fact. Write enough arguments and people will quote you to support their arguments. Weird how this works.

So using articles to market your idea still works in 2010. Write enough about that idea and you will build authority.

Article Marketing to Build Links

Believe it or not, search engine spiders are still dumb. We are well into the 21st century and search engine spiders still can’t make out the content in videos, audio, and graphics, including pictures and Flash.

What they can decipher is text content. And boy have they feasted on articles over the past 15 years. I wonder how many articles Google, Yahoo, and Bing can ultimately index?

I will cover this in another, ahem, article. But for now, just know that if you want to manipulate the spiders, simply feed them written content.

Use article marketing to build links: Link to your blog. Link to your videos. Link to your audio. Link to your pictures. Link to your Flash. Link to your articles. Link to your links.

Article Directories that People Read

Time is precious. The Web is a time suck. So if you want to use article marketing to build authority, publish your articles where people will actually read them.

As far as my testing goes, there are only two places where people actually read articles online. They are


Some people have also found real readers on So you may try your luck there. Just be sure to track.

As for the other 10,387 other article directories online, use them for link building.

So that’s it folks… My first post in 2010. Article marketing still works in 2010. It’s true because I wrote it down.

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