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“Discover The Online Method To Increase Customer Inquiries And Reduce Advertising Cost”

Here is the proven formula:

A Great Chiropractic Website + Target Traffic + Automatic Follow-ups = More Patients Into Your Chiropractic Practice.

Here Is What A Great Chiropractic Website Should Do To Get More Patients Into Your Practice:



Grab Their Attention — Visual design that is eye candy to web surfers who found your site by advertising and search engine optimization (SEO);


Hold Their InterestMultimedia library, rich with useful information for your current, past, and prospective patients;


Convert Them Into Leads — Always available contact form, phone number, special reports, and follow-up emails to entice and remind your customers to contact you for an appointment.



So What’s The Other Big Difference Between An Ordinary Website And A Great Chiropractic Website?


You Only Have…

8 Seconds


… Time’s Up. That’s The Most Amount Of Time You Are Going To Get From A Web Surfer Before He Clicks Away From An Ordinary Website.


If You Are Going To Get A Website, Get A Great Chiropractic Web Design. You Want To Capture And Convert Web Surfers Into Patient Leads.



Great Chiropractic Web Design Example


Okay, You Are Convinced That Your Practice Needs A Great Chiropractic Website. What Else Do You Need To Pull In More Patients Online?




There Are Currently 270,214,859 Websites On The Internet




There Are Only Three Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website:



1. You Can Buy It Via Online And/Or Offline Advertising;


2. You Can Borrow It From Others Who Have A Customer List;


3. You Can Develop Top Search Engine Rankings.



All Three Ways Require Work And Specialized Knowledge. Who Has Time For That? You Have A Chiropractic Office To Run And Patients To Treat. No Wonder You’re Not Doing Much Online Yet…






YOUR Great Chiropractic Website, Traffic, and Email Follow-up System In A Box


Let’s face it… It feels like a chore to get your business on the internet…that’s why you need to have a Game Plan and the right team to implement your success.

With us, you will receive your own Great Chiropractic Website, A Traffic Game Plan, a strategic checklist…everything that you need to start attracting prospective patients to your site where they can take action and contact your office.

We want to make it easy for you…and with your Game Plan in hand, you’re ready for business online!



Limited Phase 1 Release Discount * Only Available Until There Are No More Spots On The First Page Of The Search Engine Results.

YOUR Great Chiropractic Website, Traffic, and Email Follow-up System… The Complete Package…ONLY $4,700

As An Added Benefit, We Can Host Your Site, Automate Your Patient Follow-up, And Keep Up Your SEO For Only $97 A Month.


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