Client Gifts That Are Exceptional

Many small businesses today realize the need of showing appreciation by providing client gifts. In the rush to produce quality work that meets with and exceeds client expectations, it’s still important to take the time to think of ways to show clients that their business is appreciated. There are lots of stock items that are available. Some businesses are based solely around providing promotional gifts to companies who in turn can pass these items on to clients. However, the challenge comes in thinking of truly unique and personalized client gifts that really convey appreciation and stand out as novel, useful and demonstrate the time that was put into selecting the gift.

Clients are used to being bombarded with lack-luster promotional items like pens, magnets and calendars. However, more forward-thinking companies are learning to go one step further by appealing to the individual interests of their clients. This can be conveyed by offering a variety of client gifts that demonstrate a personal interest in the client. Some examples of such gifts include tickets to a favorite sporting event (giving tickets that may be difficult to obtain or very costly), invitations to use private box seats at a variety of functions, providing gift certificates to popular restaurants or stores and even including clients in personal outings such as trips to the cottage, or to parties hosted on office premises or even held in homes. These sorts of client gifts up the ante and make your company stand out as original, thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile by showing a personal interest in clients.

In addition to personalizing client gifts, smart business owners will also show hospitality when clients visit their office space. Some nice gestures can include ordering lunch or brunch from a local favorite, offering home-baked goodies along with fresh brewed coffee, and by always remembering personal preferences such as a client favoring tea over coffee, any health problems that dictate a particular diet, or even remember a client’s soft drink preferences. These personal touches go a long way as far as client appreciation goes and definitely keep your company top of mind for the future.

Taking the time to record and remember your client’s personal information and preferences communicates to them that you are interested in them as people, and are not just looking to fleece them at every turn. This is how long-term client relationships are built and goes a long way in ensuring strong client relations, open lines of communication and positive business interaction.

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