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Cost per action advertising is getting a lot of attention from online marketers lately. Despite the economic downturn, this form of advertising seems to be holding steady. As a brief background, cost per action or CPA is a way for advertisers to get leads.

Let’s say your company sells perfumes online. You open an ecommerce store and hope that the traffic will come. Since hoping doesn’t work, you try writing articles and building links to your website. You get some traffic, but not the avalanche of visitors that you had hoped for. You then try advertising on paid search sites like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You get visitors but the clicks are costing you a lot of money. Sometimes you break even. Eventually, you figure out what your conversion rates are and your earnings per click and cost per click. Now you have metrics.

At this point, you can scale your traffic acquisition by inserting your product offer into cost per action networks like Hydra or or Neverblue Ads or many others. The “complete” list of CPA networks is available for free at

Using cost per action advertising, your offer is available for affiliate marketers to promote. If you have a landing page with high conversions, you will get plenty of “free” traffic from affiliates.

Now let’s look at CPA marketing from the affiliate point of view. Many online marketers start their business by promoting other people’s products. This makes sense because there is no product creation cycle, no customer support hassles, no inventory … just drive traffic to a converting offer and get paid a commission. It’s that easy … or is it?

I’ve been doing CPA marketing for about 2 years following the methods that I learned from Gauher Chaudhry using his Pay-Per-Click-Formula v1.0. The “formula” worked as long as I was diligent in launching and tracking my CPA campaigns. I reached $100 a day in profits within 3 months of trial and error. Yes, you still have to do trial and error in this business. The trick is to fail fast and learn from your mistakes.

Today, much of what Gauher taught in PPCF v1.0 is available for free in his 89 page report, titled, “The Insider’s Guide to CPA Marketing Profits.” Even though I have the original course, which I paid several hundred dollars for, I went through the 89 page report to see if I could pick up some new information. After reading through the report, much of it I already learned. However, there was a method that I tried again that netted me $500 in profit.

Here is what I did. I read page 65 in the report and tried it on a new government regulation regarding analog to digital TV broadcasting conversion. I found a CPA offer that paid $7 per lead from the network on page 86 in the free guide. Then I ran a PPC campaign using a 3rd tier network called Looksmart. I also ran the ad on

I bid around 7 cents per click. Try bidding that low of an amount on Google these days and your ad won’t be shown. I got traffic almost instantly. I ran the ad for 10 days and made about $100 a day gross or about $50 a day net. After 10 days, the cost per action advertiser decided to pull the offer. This was too bad because I was making around $50 a day on autopilot. But these things do happen when you play in the PPC to CPA game.

PPCF v1.0 has been off the market for many, many months. On March 31st, Gauher will launch PPCF v2.0. I suspect that the new course will have many updated and new techniques. It will also not be cheap. However, you can grab his 89 page free CPA guide and get started today. That way you can find out for yourself if this method of making money online suits your fancy.

Here is where you can grab your guide:


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