How To Create Email Addresses That Mean Business

In my line of business, I look at a lot of business cards and a lot of email addresses. The one thing that has struck me is how many business owners don’t know how to create email addresses that mean business. Let me ask you this. What is your email address for your online business? Is it How about Could it be It may even be

For the sake of your online business, I hope that it is not any one of the above email addresses. There is nothing that screams unprofessional as an email address that you got for free at one of the many email sites like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and so on. Consider this … When was the last time you saw a business person from a company like IBM send you email from an address like

So how do you fix this? Easy, get an email address that is on a domain name that you own. This is a quick way to increase your online business credibility by at least 100%. Here is how to create email addresses that mean business.

Step 1: Get A Related Domain Name And Web Hosting.

You can save yourself some money and accomplish both at the same place at

They will provide you with a free domain name and host your email account for only $6.95 per month.

Step 2: Log Into Your New Account And Create Email Addresses

Create an email address for yourself. For example,

Create an email address for your support emails. For example,

Create an email address to automatically send replies to customer inquiries. For example,

Create an email address for sales and sales payment processing. For example,

That should be good enough for now. Of course, if you have staff, create email addresses for them too.

Step 3: If You Don’t Want To Check Multiple Email Accounts, Setup Domain Forwarding.

Go into your CPanel and add a domain forwarder. Forward the emails to the email address that you prefer.

In Yahoo, for example, you can even add an option to show that the email that you send from Yahoo comes from

Step 4: That’s It. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

So don’t delay for even one day longer from making your business look more professional online and offline.

Go to to create email addresses that mean business.

Oh yes, one more thing … Happy Halloween!

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