Google Checkout Is Like Paypal

Online commerce is growing steadily every year as people become more and more comfortable shopping online. For the consumer, the benefits are —

* Wide selection that you cannot find in any one store offline, not even Walmart;

* Easy to do comparison shopping;

* Low prices, especially with online coupons and cashback programs like from

There are also many benefits for the vendor who offers their product or service online. They get to reach a much wider audience than just their hometown. They can try displaying different merchandise without having to commit to a certain purchase. The way to do this is to become an affiliate for other product vendors. And there are smaller fixed costs, normally associated with web hosting, domain name registration, and shopping cart.

Speaking of shopping carts, Paypal is the number one name online for transaction processing. EBay was wise to have bought Paypal a few years ago. With wide recognition comes trust and creditability, two critical factors for online success. A new comer to the online processing service market is Google. Google Checkout was introduced about a year ago as an alternative to Paypal. It has not caught on as well as Paypal, but it is a viable alternative to Paypal. You can also use Google Checkout in addition to Paypal to accept orders from your website.

Here’s how to sign up for Google Checkout:

1. Go to

2. You have a choice to integrate Google Checkout with your current Google Adwords account or to create a brand new Google Checkout account.

3. Google Checkout will ask for two things:¬† How you will pay and how will you get paid. This part is not very clear on Google’s website.

4. For “How you will pay,” simply enter your credit card information.

5. For “How will you get paid,” enter your bank account number. Google will then make a small deposit into your account and ask you to verify that amount.

6. Now enter your website details like website url, contact info, return policy, and how your product will be delivered to your customer.

7. Next Google will ask you if you want to integrate other Adwords accounts to your Google Checkout. The benefit for you is that they will  credit you a certain amount of the Google Checkout transaction fees every time you spend money on Google Adwords.

8. Finally, log into your Google Checkout account and create a “Buy Now” button under the Tools tab.

You are now ready for business online.

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