How To Build A List Even If Your Website Is Under Construction

Got A Domain Name But You’re Not Ready To Launch A Website?

It used to be that domain names were very expensive. Up to only a few years ago, it use to cost upwards of $50 to register a domain name. Prior to that, domain names cost a few hundred dollars and up. Today, you can get a domain name for under $10.

The downside though, is that all the short domain names have been bought. You can’t go out a buy or or unless you are willing to pay big bucks in the secondary market. On the other hand, you can buy for $9.95 at

If you have been thinking that maybe now would be a good time to establish your web presence, I strongly urge you to go register a domain name. Pick one that has the keywords that your business offers. Then register the “.com” version. If the “.com” version is not available, then get the “.net” version. But do try to get the “.com” version even if you have to rearrange the keywords in the domain name a little. The reason you want the “.com” version is that people are used to typing “.com” and less so “.net” and even less so “.org” and “.biz” and “.info” names.

After you get your domain name, don’t just leave it sitting idle at your domain name registrar. Put it to use. One option is to park it at and get paid for the traffic. Another option is to load up a page to collect the name and email addresses of people who happen upon your domain name because of your keywords.

Don’t worry, this is easy to setup. Here are the steps:

1)  Get a good web host. I recommend using
2)  Load WordPress using CPanel and Fantastico. These options are available at a good web host.
3)  Upload the All In One SEO plugin.
4)  Upload the Feedburner plugin.
5)  Upload the Launchpad theme.
6)  Create a Feedburner account.
7)  Inside your Feedburner account, choose the”Publicize” tab and click on the “Email Subscriptions.”
8)  Activate your Email Subscription and copy the email ID that Feedburner gives you.
9)  Enter the email ID into the Launchpad control panel.
10) Enter your Feedburner url into the Launchpad control panel.
11) You’re done!

    You now have an automatic way to collect your visitor’s name and email so that you can build your list even before you’ve built your website.

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