How To Track Visitors

I had planned to start this post by explaining why online business owners should track visitors. But then I concluded that that would be too obvious. It’s clear that we should track visitors to our websites so that we can do more of what works. If we don’t track, we won’t know. So let’s talk about how to track visitors to your website.

If you want to know how to track visitors, follow these 7 steps.

1) Sign up for Google Analytics. This excellent software tool is free from Google.

2) Install the small piece of Google Analytics code on each web page that you want to track visitors.

3) Check to see if you have AWSTATS as part of your web hosting service. If you use companies like, this tracking utility comes standard.

4) Create a simple spreadsheet with three columns. One is for the keyword, the second for the number of times the keyword was used, and the third has the date.

5) Each month print out the keyword report. You’ll be surprised at the types of keywords that people use to find you.

6) Optimize your website based on the keywords that turns a profit or produces the desired action when visitors get to your site.

7) Install a tracking link for all your off website content like on articles, blogs, forum signatures, PPC ads, contextual ads, video ads, and so forth.

And that is all I have to say about how to track visitors.


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