Importance of Customer Retention Strategy

What happens when you own your own business and your customers become frustrated and move on? You fail, of course. That is something that every business owner must think about, as well as those that work in freelance. In freelance, you have repeat customers that can make up the bulk of your business. If you have to rely on new business to keep up and running, you are going to struggle. Repeat business is the key for all types of business endeavors, and that means thinking very hard about your customer retention strategy.

You know that you have to please your customers. That is the most basic premise of a good customer retention strategy. The problem is knowing how you to please them to keep them happy, and how to rectify things when they become unhappy. There are many facets to this and they start from the minute they walk into the door until they have gone home and enjoyed whatever it is that you have offered them. Customer retention strategy is going to be different in each industry or field, but the basics of it are all the same.

You can offer someone something substandard just to make a sale and make some money, but that is not good in customer retention strategy. You have to have something your customer is going to be pleased with. They have to think it is something they need rather than something they just want to have. That means thinking hard about inventory and how you present that inventory in the store. The rest of your customer retention strategy is not going to matter if you do not get that part right. Study successful companies and come up with your own ideas.

When customers are in your store, you have to know they are going to have a pleasant experience that they may not get anywhere else, or that is on par with what they get at their favorite stores. That can keep them coming back. Your employees must be friendly at all costs, even when they are feeling harassed. You should go over your customer retention strategy with them in detail and often. Make that a huge part of their worker review so that they think about that as they go through their day every single day.

You also have to be sure that if there are any complaints that they are handled quickly and to the satisfaction of the customer. This may even mean small losses for you, but remember that ticking just one person off can blow your entire customer retention strategy. Word of mouth about a bad experience can kill your business and your freelance career. Do what it takes to make everyone happy in all regards and your customer retention strategy is going to pay off in dividends down the road.

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