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Small Business Taxes Gone Wild In California

I estimate that 99% of Californians do not understand the implications of the new small business tax that Governor Jerry Brown signed into law yesterday. This law would mandates online sellers like and to start collecting sales taxes on items shipped to California if they have some sort of relationship with an affiliate. [...]


You Got the Opt-in, Now What? Here Are Some Top Email Strategies

The first part of email marketing is to get your visitor to opt-in your email list. Once they opt-in, the visitor becomes a prospect. The second part of email marketing is to move the prospect along your marketing funnel towards them becoming a customer. An important element of that is relationship marketing done via trust. [...]


Linkedin Company Page Follows the Leaders Facebook and Yelp

There was a time when Linkedin was cool. Well, maybe “cool” is too strong of a word for this early social networking site. Let’s just say that Linkedin was *the* place to network as a business professional. You sign up for Linkedin, you make connections with people you work with, you ask for a recommendation, [...]


A Way to Promote Your Business with Facebook Events

Let’s assume you’ve already set up your own Facebook profile and a separate Facebook Page for your business. Maybe you’ve also created a Facebook Group that relates to a type of product or service that your business provides. What are some ways that you can promote the special events your business sponsors? One way is [...]

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How to Remove Antispyware Soft

Marketing online is fraught with risks. One category is business risk. The other category is technical risk. Business risk is when you try to execute a digital marketing strategy and it fails. Technical risk includes the risk of not implementing your websites and/or scripts correctly. But technical risk also includes the risk from cyber-attacks. One of the most common form is viruses pretending to be a friendly program ... like a trojan horse. This blog is about how to remove Antispyware Soft. … Read More...

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Keyboard Shortcuts And Ergonomic Tips

I use my computer and work on the internet everyday. Like anything else that you do often and repetitively, I look for ways to save time and to save my fingers, wrist, eyes, back, and neck. I look for ways to improve my ergonomics.

If you work on the computer for an extended amount of time, it is important — vital — that you take breaks. For me, I remind myself to take a 10-15 minute break for every 90 minutes that I am on the computer. On my break, I flex my fingers, rotate my wrists, relax my back and neck.

This is what I do. I stand up from my chair, put my hands together in a praying position, then press. I do this for 15-30 seconds. Next, I hook the fingers of my left hand with the fingers of my right hand, and pull for 15-30 seconds. Then I extend my right arm out in front of me, flex my wrist down, and use my left hand to push it down for 15-30 seconds. After that, I flex my wrist up, and use my left hand to hold it up. I do the same thing for my left wrist.

The next stretching exercise that I do is to put both arms behind my back, hold my hands together and lean forward. This helps to stretch my back and shoulder blade.

To stretch my back, I try to touch my toes. I also hold my hands together with my arms outstretched and rotate like a windmill.

After stretching and relaxing, I return to the computer. In order to reduce the strain on my eyes, I sit back and lean against the back of my chair. I then enlarge my viewing screen so that I can still see the screen clearly from where I am sitting. The keyboard shortcut that I use to enlarge the screen is:

“CTRL” and “+”.
“CTRL” and “-” reduces the browser screen size.

The other useful keyboard shortcut is

“CTRL” and “t”.

This launches a new browser tab without me having to use my mouse.

Finally, I recommend alternating between using a regular mouse and a pen type mouse. This way, you can vary the motions that you do with your fingers and wrist.

Hope that helps. Please let me know of your favorite ways to stretch and be ergonomic.

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