Online Advertising Campaign In Today's Internet

During the early days of the internet, it was far easier to compete because there were fewer websites to compete with. Today in the 21st century, if you want to successfully compete with hundreds of thousands of competitors, you’ve got to have a well planned and strategically sound online advertising campaign in place. Do this before you ever publish your website. If you’ve got all your planning done ahead of time, you’ll get traffic to your website sooner rather than later.

Maintaining your website is an expense. If you’re also paying for ads, the income you derive won’t add up to much without sufficient traffic. The time you spend planning your online advertising campaign and developing the best strategies for your product or service will pay you big dividends, decreasing the time between launch and profits. Let’s take a look at how you can customize your advertising campaign to your advantage.

The *big* search engine is Google. They handle about 75% of all searches online. So it makes sense to make your website Google friendly. provides detailed information on how your website is ranked, how the spiders work, good links versus what Google deems spammy, along with a wealth of resources which show you how to increase your visibility. In fact, there’s so much information, it will take a while to go through it all. On the other hand, what you’ll learn will help you tailor your strategies for a successful online advertising campaign. This makes your effort entirely worthwhile. Think of all your competitors who neglect to make this thorough investigation!

For example, we’ve all seen websites which have advertisements which are completely unrelated to the page content, trying to sell you cell phones, gadgets and books on a page with an article on obtaining a mortgage. Perhaps the website owner figures if you can buy a home, you can thus afford these items. However, search engines will penalize you for irrelevant advertising. Target your ads to each page as the product or service pertains to the interest of the reader. Google’s AdSense program uses a variety of algorithms to scan the content of your page and match your page with ads of likely interest to that reader. While you can certainly add affiliate program ads, using Google AdSense drives traffic and revenue to your site far more quickly. This single element can give your online advertising campaign a hefty jump start.

Everyone knows that linking is important to a well planned online advertising campaign. What’s not so well known is that the quality of the site you’re linked to impacts your rankings. The search engine spiders are pretty “smart” and sophisticated these days, so be choosy when you select your links. If the Google spiders detect that most of your links within text are click-throughs to a potential sale, rather than information of value to your reader, you’ll take another hit in the rankings. The spiders may even exclude that page from future indexing.

It’s most important that you do your homework and find out what helps and what harms your search engine ranking. If you don’t, your online advertising campaign may become a failed campaign, setting your online marketing efforts back.

Publishing some of your content in relevant e-newsletters with high readerships is another excellent technique for any online advertising campaign. When you’re brainstorming for new ideas, always keep “relevance” and “quality’ in mind. Then watch your profits grow.

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