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There are many choices on the Internet. Some would argue that their are too many choices. I agree. When confronted with too many choices, the tendency for the human mind is to delay action. Unfortunately, this may not be the best decision if your business model calls for speed online.

Fortunately, the Internet is also all about sharing best practices and sharing good resources. Here is a list of the key resources that I use to run my online business and what I have recommended to my clients.

Online Legal Forms:

* Form An LLC. A good business starts with the proper legal formation. I use this company to quickly and inexpensively form my limited liability corporations.

* Get A Domain Name and Web Hosting. Usually you would have to get your domain name from a registrar and point it to a web hosting company. Fortunately, you can avoid all this and still get a true web host for people who are serious about their online business.

* The Best Email Follow-Up System. Most people who try to market online make the mistake of trying to sell their product or service upfront, one-time. What they don’t realize is that people don’t buy on the first visit; or the second; or the third; or even the seventh time. Rather, people need to warm up to the notion of buying something online. This is precisely why following up with your customers and building a relationship with them is so important. With many emails being blocked by spam filters these days, it’s important to use an email follow-up system that works. This one is the simply the best… and it’s cheap.

* Free Web Authoring Tool. Normally I don’t advise my clients to mess with the code. Leave that part up to the professionals. An online business owner’s job is to focus on how to grow the business. However, there are times when some people may want to make a minor change or two to their website like swapping out a picture. For these rare occasions, I suggest you use a simple web tool that also produces clean code.

* Free FTP Tool. Here again, I don’t suggest that online business owners do a lot uploading and downloading of files from their website. But if the need arises, this is the free FTP program that I use.

* Free Video and Screen Capture. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth ten times that. If you cannot afford an excellent screen capture and video capture tool like Camtasia, use Jing. it’s quick and easy to share video and screen captures with others using this tool.

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