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Small Business Taxes Gone Wild In California

I estimate that 99% of Californians do not understand the implications of the new small business tax that Governor Jerry Brown signed into law yesterday. This law would mandates online sellers like and to start collecting sales taxes on items shipped to California if they have some sort of relationship with an affiliate. [...]


You Got the Opt-in, Now What? Here Are Some Top Email Strategies

The first part of email marketing is to get your visitor to opt-in your email list. Once they opt-in, the visitor becomes a prospect. The second part of email marketing is to move the prospect along your marketing funnel towards them becoming a customer. An important element of that is relationship marketing done via trust. [...]


Linkedin Company Page Follows the Leaders Facebook and Yelp

There was a time when Linkedin was cool. Well, maybe “cool” is too strong of a word for this early social networking site. Let’s just say that Linkedin was *the* place to network as a business professional. You sign up for Linkedin, you make connections with people you work with, you ask for a recommendation, [...]


A Way to Promote Your Business with Facebook Events

Let’s assume you’ve already set up your own Facebook profile and a separate Facebook Page for your business. Maybe you’ve also created a Facebook Group that relates to a type of product or service that your business provides. What are some ways that you can promote the special events your business sponsors? One way is [...]

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How to Remove Antispyware Soft

Marketing online is fraught with risks. One category is business risk. The other category is technical risk. Business risk is when you try to execute a digital marketing strategy and it fails. Technical risk includes the risk of not implementing your websites and/or scripts correctly. But technical risk also includes the risk from cyber-attacks. One of the most common form is viruses pretending to be a friendly program ... like a trojan horse. This blog is about how to remove Antispyware Soft. … Read More...

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Magazine Ad Sales Down But Not Out

Yes it is true that magazine ad sales are down. According to recent figures, magazine ad pages, a measure of magazine ad sales, is down around 12% year over year. So where are companies spending their advertising dollars? While the recession has taken a big bite out of ad spending, many companies have also shifted their advertising dollars to online media. There is direct evidence of this in the rise of Google Pay Per Click rates over the last few years.

Even though offline channels like newspaper advertising, and now magazine advertising, have gone down, their advertising methods have not. As business owners and online marketers, we can still learn a lot from these offline channels. Let’s take a look at magazine advertising, for example. Before a magazine can sell advertising, it must first sell itself to customers perusing the magazine aisle in supermarkets or in bookstores like Borders.

The way that magazine writers do this is to create compelling mini-headlines. Cosmo magazine is the master at doing this. Here are some examples of the type of eye-catching headlines that you would see on a cover. There are a total of 8 mini-headlines that try to convince customers to pick up a copy. This is very much like what online advertisers do with PPC on

The mini-headlines on the cover of might read:

pieces that
will change
your life



worth of
free gifts!
PAGE 236

How just
5 pieces
can get you
the week
PAGE 212

your look

in one
simple step

(and we should know!)



Jenny Lauren
The strong
and sexy type

I tried to preserve the colors, caps, and bolding schemes that Lucky used to capture people’s attention. Study these mini-headlines and sub-headlines. This is the kind of wording that magazine advertisers have to try and capture and hold a passerby’s attention. Usually, you only have 3 seconds or less before people choose.

Study these examples. They represent excellent copy writing. In the next blog post, we’ll study these headlines in more detail.


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Gorilla Marketing or Guerilla Marketing?

What is the proper term — gorilla marketing or guerilla marketing? No matter. Both terms are used by people to mean a type of low cost marketing strategy for small businesses and individuals when they are going up against Goliath.

Products and services have to find customers in a fiercely competitive market. Large corporations have large advertising budgets and big marketing teams but small businesses may only have a small budget and they have to be a bit more imaginative. It’s not just a matter of cost however, but of results and the recent trend for gorilla marketing is proving successful in many cases.

Conventional TV campaigns, billboards and press advertisements are all expensive and the public is used to them and may have become desensitized to them. Niche marketing or aiming at a target audience is the modern way of doing things, aided by technology. The younger generation is particularly receptive to different sorts of promotions. Gorilla marketing, sometimes referred to as buzz marketing or stealth marketing, has also been taken up by bigger organizations.

This sort of method puts an emphasis on building a relationship that feels personal to the customer. Some tactics are inexpensive or free and a lot of companies have come to value word of mouth recommendations. The Internet plays a big part in this and potential consumers of a product may not even realize that they have been targeted in this way. Chat rooms, blog pages, messages and chain email are all portals for promotion. Sending text messages to cell phones is another method. The act of sending personal messages to a Bluetooth device has been dubbed “bluejacking.”

Communication has always been the tool of publicity departments and it’s easier than ever for people to share information, opinions and ideas. With the Internet, it is literally a global market. Gorilla marketing takes note of the fact that families have fragmented as far as their leisure time is concerned. Instead of gathering round the TV together, families are apt to be doing their own thing in different parts of the house. Mom may be watching her soap in the living room, Dad is listening to his baseball game on the radio in his den and their teenage kids are social networking in their bedrooms.

There are other ways besides high tech solutions to get the message across. Urban dwellers are familiar with sticker campaigns. They pop up everywhere and sometimes in unexpected places. They may be in subway stations, telephone booths or stuck in the cab of a truck. Advertisements are printed on receipts or on the reverse of bus tickets. The art of gorilla marketing is making use of the everyday things that we all take for granted. A slogan on a T-shirt is often a walking advertisement.

What else can you think of to get into the subconscious mind of your target market?

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