What To Do About Quality Of Service When Business Outsourcing

When you have poorly defined your contract with a business outsourcing company, the quality of the project may suffer severely.

There are many things you can do to verify the project maintains the expected quality when you are using a company other than yours. When you define the objectives for the project you want completed, they need to be defined clearly and everyone needs to acknowledge and sign off that they agree to them.

Double check your requirements and try not forget anything. Being too picky is better than not being specific enough. By forgetting certain things and not specifying them you are opening a door for poor work to be done.

When this happens, you cannot request it be changed and done a different way because it was not specified in the contract. What will happen, is that you will have to pay additional money to have things done the way you want because you didn’t properly specify your requirements in the contract.

One person should not write the specifications for the project. Projects need to be written by everyone who will be involved and affected by the project.

Many people can be affected by poor quality in a project such as your employees who are using the equipment. Remember that shareholders and stakeholders also have a vested interest that the money being spent on an outsourced project is spent well.

You don’t want to be out of a job because you were not clear about how the project needed to be done and now you have a completed project but it makes your customers very unhappy.

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