Your Business Can Benefit With An Online Payment System

With more and more people coming online everyday, I’m surprised to see so few local businesses benefiting from this trend. What I mean is that very few businesses in my area, the East Bay, have implemented an online payment system.

What better way to sell more of your product and/or service than capturing payments online? Just to give you a perspective, the internet is drawing in 1,000,000 new people every 100 days. These people are coming online by many different means, but mostly via new email accounts and searching for information online. In fact, about 80% of all online sales begin with people starting out with a simple web search for information.

It’d be a shame if they searched for and found your business online but weren’t able to buy from you because your website does not have an online payment portal.

You don’t know how to start transacting online? No worries. Technology has advanced with such a rapid pace in the past ten years that electronic payments have become the norm of the day. More than 40% of payments are transacted electronically through credit and debit cards, apart from the usual wire transfers and online payment portals. In short, it’s easier now than it was just a few years ago. So now, it’s possible for a small business to advertise, sell and collect payments online without ever having to meet the customer personally. Although, you should communicate regularly with your customers.

With these advancements and most businesses adapting their payment procedures and policies to suit customer’s conveniences, I’d also advise that any East Bay business set up an online merchant account with a payment processor in order to cash in on the business that is being transacted on the internet.

There are many online merchant solution providers out there. Many have established themselves in the field setting up and maintaining online merchant software and products that protect against fraud.

So get yourself an online merchant account and get a piece of the action that your competitors will otherwise get.

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